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Joe Kuskie

The Average Joe

I enjoy meeting new people everyday who have an online business It is very interesting to see what kind of business they have. Once I get to know them and what their business is all about I offer to help them in any way that I can. 

About Me

 Tier5 IC Partner, eCommerce Seller, Affiliate Marketer and Just a Guy Who Helps People

Who Am I and What I Do

About 15 years ago when I started selling on eBay it was just really to see how it worked out. The first time I sold something I didn't make any money but it was really amazing to see that somebody was going to buy my used item.

From there I started selling all kinds of you stuff around the house then I started figuring out if I sold brand new stuff I would probably make more money. I found a couple suppliers where I could purchase brand new stuff in bulk at a cheaper price and turn around and sell it and make money on eBay. Once I figured it out I started selling on Amazon that's when I really started making a lot more money.

I really learned what the buyer was looking for and how to really sell to someone online. The buyer is not looking to just purchase anything but what they're looking for is something to solve a problem, their problem and what I had is what they needed. 

Years ago I started learning how the MLM industry works and I got involved for about 4 years and it was a lot of work. I did make a lot of money but it turned out to be too much work for me with my family and my 9 to 5 job. So I was very successful with it but I ended up quitting because it just took too much time but really what I learned was how to market products and services.

Currently, I am a Partner in a software company, some Affiliate Marketing, sell on e-commerce, have a group of members that I like to help as much as I can with their business so they become successful. Also have TheJoeShow on my Facebook Profile so people can get to know me.

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My Partnership With Tier5

I joined the Tier5 Partnership in October 2018 and this was the best decision I have ever made.
I own software developed by Tier5 and I sell this software which helps people with
their online business today.

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My Resources

Help your business as these resources have helped me. Each resource I use has different benefits. Just ask me which one is best for you and we can discuss it. There are free trials on these and I recommend getting these.

  • Kartra

    Kartra is the only all-in-one marketing platform that’s completely all-in-one. SMS Marketing. Easy A/B Testing. Generate Leads Quickly. Complete Marketing System. Drag-And-Drop Editor. CRM for Small Business.

  • Click Funnels

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      - Membership sites...

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    -FREE Book reveals 1 simple trick to double traffic...

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What People Say About Me...

I like to help people with whatever they need I also help them with their business anytime. 

Brian Christopher Allen

Digital Marketing Strategist

Just had an amazing video chat with Joe Kuskie! Setting the Standard! Appreciate the help and insight on how you're doing great things with FC, and Tier5 as a whole.


Value comes in so many different varieties through out Tier5.


Good Stuff Joe, it helps the whole team! Thanks!

The definition of what a partner is, for sure.

Aunkita Nandi

Managing Director of Tier5

Joe Kuskie is one of the best partner I have ever got in Tier5. He is a humble person and always ready to jump in to help if anyone else is having any issues with any software.

He is a hustler and a fighter. Everyday he is either trying to provide some value or he is thinking to solve a real problem .

He is been a great partner and he is one of my favorite 😍

Lance Watters

Webdesign-Fb ads-SaaS Partner

Joe and I have worked together for about a year. He and I have helped each other lots over zoom and phone calls. We even met at a mastermind in San Diego. He is always more than willing to help and really knows his way around software and funnels! Plus he's a stand-up guy!

Ben Rusk

Health and Wellness

Joe Kuskie is the most friendly and helpful entrepreneur I have ever met. After spending a couple of hours teaching me how he has been successful online we drifted apart. Then 6 months later I was re-introduced to the partnership so I gave him a call and signed up right away. Now we are working together to build a thriving business around technology that allows people to earn an income during these challenging times due to COVID-19.

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